I am not a third person. I am not an objective. I am not my age, my birthplace or bloodline. I am human first. in the following lines I will tell you how these flesh and bones, body of work, came to be.

Wherever I go, I see, feel, hear, smell and taste poetry. it is everywhere and I want you to have it too. Armed with poetic endeavours, I create experiences that can bring you into another world. It's not this other world experience that is significant to me, but rather the moment you are trying to fall back into the real world. That moment of absurdity, a kind of daze, is a moment which I believe can lead you to self reflection. This is where research seeps in. With a background in philosophy, I aim to develop research through artistic methods. That is why you'll encounter practice and theory in equal parts. They are in continuous conversation with each other. Call it mutualistic. In coexistence. Interdependent. These conversations prevail themselves in ongoing research projects in which the body is being cut, pasted, distorted and deleted.

As you may know by now, the experience is key. This is often revealed through installations and performances, though taking shapes in many forms. From text and video to smell and the retraction of sight, there is no fixed medium to work by. As my artistry developed, I have discovered one thing: My consistency will not rely on the medium. It is the story, the concept, the experience conveyed. This is what matters.